Solar is a reliable energy source that is clean, consistent and will not deplete. Equipment costs are at all-time lows, technology is more efficient than ever, and a choice of flexible financing options with zero upfront capital and numerous incentives means that using solar to power your business can achieve great cost savings.

From the moment solar starts to generate electricity, you’ll find it offers immediate savings in your utility bill.

Cenergi has partnered with the Sunseap Group, the leading solar energy developer in Singapore to develop the solar segment in Malaysia through the incorporation of Cenergi Sunseap Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd (CSES). CSES will drive our investment and development of solar opportunities in Malaysia, particularly in rooftop solar leasing. This proven business model offers an affordable energy solution that also reduces environmental impact. In the next five years, CSES hopes to build a portfolio of solar assets amounting to 50 MW in Malaysia.

Cenergi is currently awaiting regulatory approvals for the acquisition of a 5.0 MW solar PV plant in Padang Besar, Perlis. The plant is generating and exporting about 5.7 GWh of electricity to the grid every year.

We will continuously evaluate potential solar opportunities within Southeast Asia on a case by case basis.

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October 5, 2017

Sri Jelutung Biogas Power Plant

Cheekah Biogas Power Plant

September 3, 2016

Cheekah Biogas Power Plant