Hydropower is a mature, reliable, and cost-effective method of generating renewable energy. It requires a higher initial cost of investment but pays off with a long service life and very low operational and maintenance costs.

Hydro is not only a proven and price-competitive segment, it also has one of the highest conversion efficiencies among all known energy sources.

Hydropower can sometimes have an adverse impact on its surroundings it if not implemented in a responsible and sustainable manner. Cenergi, in line with our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, is interested in developing responsible and sustainable high-value Green Hydropower plants, no larger than 15 MW each. Green Hydropower plants have a minimal or negligible impact on the environment and societies located around it and further downstream.

On a case by case basis, Cenergi will consider developing and investing into Green Hydropower Plants for both on and off-grid applications as we seek to expand our portfolio in this sector in Southeast Asia.

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October 5, 2017

Sri Jelutung Biogas Power Plant

Cheekah Biogas Power Plant

September 3, 2016

Cheekah Biogas Power Plant