Location: International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak
FiT Commercial Operating Date: September 2016 (Phase 1: March 2017, Phase 2: March 2018)
Project Cost: RM 40 million
Service: Energy Performance Converting (EPC)
Status: Ongoing
Total Electricity Saved: 39,472 MW
Carbon Savings: 27,395 tonnes CO2 eq.

The Situation


Electricity consumption in commercial buildings require serious attention. Currently, there is lack of energy management in this growing sector as most buildings have no energy efficiency legislation. Public universities are powerhouses of energy consumption, with 24-hour libraries, cafes and buildings constantly using electricity, heat and cooling systems with students obliviously maximising the energy for the occasional all-nighter.

As a result, university campuses can be energy wasters. IIUM, a 700-acre public university campus located in the Klang Valley, is a progressive university that is taking initiative to be more energy efficient. IIUM is at the front line to change old perceptions and urge changes in policy, economy, industry and sustainability. The main objectives on implementing this project is to reduce the electricity usage, costs and a variety of other electrical loads used by staff and students.


The Solution


Recognizing that the project should run in parallel with sustainability, IIUM partnered with Cenergi. Cenergi developed and designed an Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA) for IIUM to reduce the energy consumption of the entire campus.

This notable energy efficiency project involves the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of energy savings equipment in a RM 40 million Built-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) contract. This project required zero upfront investment from IIUM, as the entire investment into this project is borne by Cenergi.

The business model is divided into four phases of execution, targeted to optimise energy consumption at the university through implementation of Energy Saving Measures (ESMs) such as energy efficient chillers, retrofitting of LED lightings and power quality devices.

Cenergi provided total solutions in energy resource management with systems that are tailored to suit energy conservation and the university. The investment of Cenergi into theseenergy efficiency solutions is repaid out of the cost savings of IIUM using an innovative commercial structure called an Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA), which allows the university to achieve energy savings without upfront capital expenses and operational risk. It includes total operating and maintenance costs during BOOT contract term while effectively funding commercially-proven energy efficient technologies.

The Achievements


Presently, this ongoing project has guaranteed the university electricity savings of up to 30% per year since it commenced in September 2016. The project has also encouraged engagement of the campus community to understand energy consumption issues, reduced the educational sector’s impact on climate change, built new sustainable practices and reduced total energy costs.


The Future


Cenergi will continue to identify energy-saving strategies, provide and finance energy efficiency solutions for commercial and institutional building owners, factories and other industrial facilities. We aim to reduce their unnecessary consumption, provide innovative financing options, while also increasing awareness to communities to play their role in saving energy.