Location: Pahang
FiT Commercial Operating Date: 3 September 2016
Project Cost: RM 8.6 million
Service: Converting POME to biogas, for energy sold to grid
Status: Operational
Plant Capacity: 1 MW
Total Households Powered: 2,160 (540 MWh per month)
Carbon Savings: 16,602 tonnes CO2 eq.

The Situation

The locals at Cheekah-Kemayan had gone through difficulties to generate reliable electricity power. The lack of support in local infrastructure and manpower to manage intermittent power quality has brought attention to Cenergi. The land is rich and unique, offering many energy end-uses to renewable energy. Seeing the potential in leveraging their sources, Cenergi expressed their interest in upgrading renewable energy into the natural grid by optimising the palm oil mill effluent, to deliver ‘green’ renewable energy through existing infrastructure.

Cenergi, partnered with Green Lagoon Technology Sdn Bhd (GLTE) aims to recycle the wastage and use them as transportation fuel, direct replacement of fossil-sourced natural gas in household heating in industrial, commercial and institutional processes. Cenergi is also trying to regulate the economic growth and higher human development.

The Solution

Cenergi’s set to achieve greenhouse emission reduction, by MPOB mandate effective 1 January 2014. Similar to Project Sawira, the interconnection operates at 1 MW biogas power plant in stipulating effluents from mills to not exceed 10% by volume of total thrash from local and business residents.

Cenergi offered to solve the local issues by harvesting biogas through an in-ground anaerobic digestion method. The key process is converting methane gas into electricity. Cenergi at Cheekah operates under a 16-year Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) agreement, where the plant produced 600 – 750 m3 of raw biogas per hour. The treated biogas is channelled to 1 x 1,130 kWe Jenbacher biogas engines to generate electricity, which is then routed to national distribution through a Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) with Tenaga Nasional Bhd.

The Achievements

The development of Cheekah is intended to increase awareness of rural societies, in managing effluents of palm oil mills. Cenergi generates a renewable energy power from biogas captured to successfully provide 2,160 houses (equivalent to 540 MWh). This project allowed us to have a market capitalisation. Ultimately, Cenergi wants to utilise electricity generation results in a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Future

The success story of Cheekah Biogas Power Plant Project has further strengthened Cenergi’s position in SEA region, and has proven us as strong player in renewable energy industry.