We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to maximise the capabilities of the latest alternative technologies in the clean energy field. By venturing into possible ways to advance the clean energy industry, we break the mould by pushing beyond traditional energy generation.

As we work towards the sustainable future we envision, we believe in promoting cutting-edge innovation that drives an impactful change in the clean energy industry.

Our efforts in this realm diversifies our portfolio of investments and projects, hence, enhancing our competitive advantage in the industry.

To date, our New Ventures division focuses on these areas:

Energy Markets
We seek for ways to provide new and competitive energy solutions that subsequently expand energy retailing options.

Emerging Technology
We explore commercial viability and invest in the latest sustainable technologies.

Stakeholder Engagement
We collaborate with stakeholders to address issues and reshape existing policies.

University Partnership Programmes
We collaborate with higher learning institutions to initiate programmes that harness the skills and potential of students in effort to promote the advancement and growth of the clean energy industry.

With our leading position in Southeast Asia, we have had the chance to work with a host of global leaders from government, energy and power, technology and science, finance, education, and economic development. We welcome aboard new partners who share our vision of building a sustainable future.

If you believe we can work together towards greater change, we would like to hear from you. Contact us here.