We develop and implement transformative management strategies that greatly reduce cost and mitigate environmental impact. In doing so, we run a full diagnostic analysis of a building’s energy and resource management. With these attained insights and a deeper understanding of a building’s exact energy usage and savings calculations, we then identify key structures and equipment where overall energy consumptions can be reduced.

Ultimately, our energy-saving strategies enable building operators to make more informed business decisions whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

Most often, energy efficiency opportunities identified under our Energy and Resource Management Strategy include:

  • Installation of LED lighting for reduced energy consumption
  • Swapping existing duty chillers with high efficiency chillers
  • Intelligent control of air conditioning systems
  • Building of energy management systems
  • Improvement of operational efficiency

Over the past two years we have been able to help one of our customers realise savings of RM 2 million and 8,136 MWh of electrical power.

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