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Leadership Perspective

Greetings from the Biogas Asset Management (“AM”) department In this round of Leadership Perspective, I would like to highlight the many functions of the AM department within Cenergi Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd,(“CRE”).

In principle, the Biogas AM department is the indirect owner of all biogas plants in Cenergi AM department is involved from the business development, designing, project delivery and then the operation stages Once a biogas plant is fully constructed, the plant will be handed over to the AM department AM will then outsource the operation and maintenance job to Cenergi Operations Maintenance Sdn Bhd (“Cenergi O&M”) to operate and maintain the biogas plant.

Below is the job scope of the AM department
• Asset listing documentation
• Contract management
• Liaison with regulatory bodies, external parties, and stakeholders
• Payment budget monitoring
• Plant performance analysis plant improvement
• Insurance claim

As the job scope for AM department is diverse, we have to work with various departments within Cenergi such Finance, Legal and Cenergi O&M Based on the intricacy of the work within the AM department, it is therefore important for each team member to uphold Cenergi’s core values I believe this should start from our attitude, as attitude determines altitude!

Marcellinus Leo 
Head, Biogas Asset Management

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