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Leadership Perspective:

The effects and aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic will be felt for a long while even after the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) is lifted. As for project delivery, it will be the most challenging year as we are not only constructing more projects, but also requiring to adapt the new norm. This pandemic is definitely creating an impact towards the entire construction industry.

In terms of biogas plant construction, we had secured the most number of biogas projects in our history, and we are expecting 2020 to be a busy and challenging year to get our milestones achieved. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has not only affected our plants construction progress and our working lifestyle, but also businesses globally.

2020 marks the start of a whole new level of difficulty that will put a test on our team’s growing experiences over the past years, and we are eager to prove ourselves by getting over this challenge. The goals we set earlier are definitely going to be reached with slight differences in workflow from now on. We might be facing a slow start, but we believe we can overcome all the new challenges in the near future with our Cenergians’s team spirit strong determination!

Let’s march on forward!

Eric Wong
Head of Project Delivery

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