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Leadership Perspective:

By now everyone has heard about COVID 19 that has wreaked havoc to our daily lives including the way we work. The changes that we have to go through have been so drastic that forced everyone to adjust to this new reality. For office workers, the new term “Working From Home (“WFH”) is ubiquitous. This concept, before the pandemic started seemed a bit new to most of us here although some have practiced it to a certain extent but for convenience and not under a severely restricted movement situation. Things will have to be done in different ways from now on, including business development (“BD”) activities which traditionally involved face to face interactions.

BD is mainly about understanding the needs and building the trust between the counterparties. Doing BD over a phone call would certainly have its own challenges. In Malaysia, personal touches are still very much relevant and important in doing business. From Cenergi’s BD perspective at least for biogas front most of the projects that we are currently working on are already in advanced stage of development. The activities have not been greatly impacted by the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) except for some new projects that we have just started pursuing.

Overall, technology has played its vital role in helping us to continue doing our work and like everyone else here, we have made full use of Microsoft Office 365. We do not know yet how long this situation will go on but one thing for sure, in the foreseeable future we have to embrace this new normal. The sooner we accept this and make the necessary changes, the better we would be equipped to face this new reality.

Azhan Bin Yaacob
Head of Business Development (Biogas, Biomass, Small Hydro)

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