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Management’s Perspective:

I am honored to join Cenergi family recently and am really excited to work with all of you on various ongoing strategies and initiatives, to continue to scale up our performance and deliver on our Cenergi 3.0 vision.

The best part of joining Cenergi was getting to know so many people who are involved in and care about our environment, driving at the forefront of sustainability agenda. The world we live in today is in need of people who care about the environment, who are conscious of our impact on the world around us, who are environmentally responsible, so that our world and natural resources are preserved for our children and grandchildren. I am proud to be a Cenergian who is part of this powerful environmental movement together with all the like-minded people.

As Group CFO, I strive to enhance Cenergi’s business value by driving solid financial strategies that underpin our diversified business strategies, and to build improved profitability through continued and balanced financial discipline.

Cenergi is and will continue to be in the course of high growth trajectory in the next few years to become a formidable player in the market. To unlock Cenergi’s greatest potential towards the vision entrusted to us by our Board of Directors, we must continue our shared belief that every contribution made by each Cenergian brings us a step closer to our goals. We have to continue to put the team spirit in our heart at what we do, we must all continue to collaborate and we must all continue to think more about how to support our colleagues. This is what will bring Cenergi to the next level of success.

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Our Partners