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Management’s Perspective:

Cenergi O&M (“CO&M”) committed to support the Asset Management of Cenergi Biogas portfolio by signing the Operation and Maintenance Agreements with the respective asset owners as an operator for biogas plant.  The above arrangement will allow focus, check and balance and resource optimisation of all operational works CO&M also committed to operate the biogas plant with the best practices by applying the Standard Operating Procedures (“ at all the operating plants under its flagship These SOPs are regularly reviewed and updated as we fine tune our operational practices and plant specific based on layout and equipment CO&M is ready to operate biogas plants of various capacities and equipment from different OEMs, manufacturers and suppliers

Our main and most important assets are our people that have both the knowledge and skills to manage and operate biogas plants and machinery in order to produce renewable energy Working hand in hand with the Human Resource Department, for this year we are planning to complete the technical training programme covering from operators up to plant head level parallel to SEDA training programme

As Cenergi SEA continues to expand the biogas portfolio by building more biogas plants and other related biogas activities such as BioCBG and co firing biogas into boiler, the CO&M will grow in tandem We are fully committed in supporting the Cenergi Group agenda.

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